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Creativity starts at home for Renaissance man

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - April 1, 2016
By Kevin Kirkland

One was a master painter, scientist, engineer and creative thinker. The other’s an artist with a brush, power saw, saxophone and clarinet, a registered engineer and a whiz in the kitchen.

Here’s the big difference: Leonardo didn’t help design his house.

Fifty years later, Mr. Lagnese is still living and working in a house that Don Owens built for him and his wife, Pat, in Hampton. It’s a beautiful home in a lovely wooded setting, filled with the creative works of a real original. [read more]

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Retired engineer from Hampton not too tired to make music, art

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - December 31, 2014
By Len Barcousky

Just listening to Joseph Lagnese Jr. can be exhausting.

The 85-year-old retired engineer from Hampton had just finished playing alto saxophone for a University of Pittsburgh holiday party.

It marks the 21st time he and his jazz trio had provided music for the annual School of Engineering faculty celebration, he said. [read more]

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Muriel's Breath of Life

A family run initiative that provides assistance to Cystic Fibrosis patients to help offset the cost of care, including, but not limited to treatment expenses not covered by insurance, transportation, and medications. Our efforts are focused on the patients under the care of the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Care Program at UPMC's Comprehensive Lung Center and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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Joe Lagnese still cookin' after all these years - Hampton man, 82, has a book of 'Recollections and Recipes'

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Monday, November 21, 2011
By Miriam Rubin

At age 82, most people don't want to write a cookbook, and certainly not a first book. But this project didn't scare Joseph Lagnese, who is proud to present his new memoir/cookbook, "Cookin': Recollections and Recipes of Joe Lagnese."

Cooking is just one of Mr. Lagnese's passions, or "avocations," as he would say. He's also a sculptor and a jazz composer, arranger and musician, playing clarinet and sax in his working, swinging group, Swingtet 8. The sheet music for his song, also titled "Cookin'," is the background of his book's cover. If that weren't enough, he still sometimes works at his day job as an environmental engineer, designing sewage treatment plants, plus, occasionally, he's a forensic witness on wastewater treatment issues. [read more]

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